Creality Sermoon V1 Pro Review

Creality’s Ender 3 is among the most well liked 3-D printers round, and the Sermoon V1 Pro represents a slight departure for the corporate. That’s as it’s probably the most first enclosed fashions it has launched, a printer that’s in a position to move out of the field and helps printing the use of ABS in addition to PLA filaments.

Typically, 3-D printers aren’t very consumer pleasant and feature a steep studying curve. Some folks be expecting them to be a 3-D model in their inkjet printer, however the fact could be very other. 3-D printers aimed toward shoppers generally print in one color and want assembling and adjusting ahead of they are able to print anything else.

The Sermoon V1 Pro would possibly have an peculiar identify, however it’s one of the crucial consumer pleasant 3-D printers you’ll be able to purchase. It has a touchscreen, a integrated digital camera and will pause printing if anyone opens the door.

This makes it ideally suited for those who’re purchasing it to your children to revel in, and even as a primary 3-D printer for someone who doesn’t need the effort of meeting.

Features & design

  • 175 x 175 x 165mm construct quantity
  • 400 x 380 x 430mm gadget dimensions
  • 250°C max nozzle temperature
  • 80°C max mattress temperature

The Sermoon is in regards to the dimension of a small laser printer, and doesn’t require an enormous quantity of area. Just understand that the spool of filament hangs on a fold-out arm at the outdoor of the printer, which provides every other 120mm to the width.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

The most print dimension is significantly smaller: fashions will also be as much as 175 x 175 x 165mm (WDH). That’s so much lower than the in a similar way priced Creality Ender 3 S1, which has a 220 x 220 x 270mm construct quantity.

When you unpack the Sermoon, the quick-start information displays all of the foam packing items that want doing away with from the interior of the printer, and all of the cable ties that should be bring to a halt.

Once that’s achieved and also you’ve checked the voltage transfer is about accurately to your nation, you’ll be able to use the integrated snips to chop the top of the also-included spool of white PLA to some degree, then feed it throughout the hollow at the aspect of the printer.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

When you first energy it on, the Sermoon V1 Pro’s display screen additionally guides you thru loading the filament which is a straightforward task of pushing it throughout the tube till it reaches the extruder.

This has twin gears, a extra dependable setup than single-gear extruders and, as it’s fixed without delay at the print head versus someplace at the body of the printer (a so-called Bowden setup), it’s direct pressure.

Direct pressure is really helpful if you need quicker, extra correct printing, however in observe it doesn’t truly subject which sort your printer has.. each and every has professionals and cons.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

What’s necessary this is that the Sermoon V1 Pro is designed comfortably of use as the highest precedence. Creality says the printer is “levelling loose”, which is what novices want, as levelling (or, extra appropriately, tramming) is a large ache level.

Unless the print mattress is completely stage and the proper distance from the nozzle – the section the filament extrudes from – then prints will fail.

If you realize about 3-D printers it’s possible you’ll assume that is “computerized levelling”, however that’s now not the case. What it manner is that Creality has levelled the mattress on the manufacturing unit so – theoretically – the consumer can hit print and not concern about levelling.

In my revel in, that isn’t true. Although some prints, in particular the ones with a moderately huge footprint, would entire effectively, those who contain a lot of small portions in touch with the print mattress would fail as some items got here unstuck ahead of the type had completed printing.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

Fortunately, it’s moderately short to make use of what I’m calling the “assisted levelling” procedure. On the touchscreen, within the settings menu you’ll to find an “Auto levelling” choice. Armed with a small piece of paper, you wish to have handiest to transport it backward and forward beneath the nozzle in 5 other positions, and use the up/down controls at the display screen to fine-tune the peak of the mattress till you’re feeling slight resistance when shifting the paper.

It takes a couple of mins, however solved all of the issues I used to be having with prints failing to stick to the mattress. That mattress is a plastic ‘tray’ that has a heated magnetic floor on which is a detachable, versatile, textured sheet.

This is a lot more fascinating than a tumbler sheet because the filament sticks significantly better to it while not having any painter’s tape or glue stick, and you’ll be able to take it out of the printer and bend it to simply take away completed prints.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

It’s value noting that the print mattress strikes up and down, whilst the print head can transfer aspect to aspect and again to entrance. Usually, this sort of 3-D printer has a mattress that strikes forwards and backwards whilst the print head strikes aspect to aspect and up and down.

Importantly, the mattress is hooked up handiest at the right-hand aspect to a protracted trojan horse screw (a unmarried lead scew) which strikes it up and down. For better accuracy, many 3-D printers have twin lead screws, one on both sides of the printer.

However, until you might be printing tall fashions at top speeds, this doesn’t reason any issues.

Creality contains a couple of fashions on an SD card which you’ll be able to pop into the printer and print in an instant.

The touchscreen displays the temperature of the mattress (which matches as much as 80°C) and the nozzle, which is able to 250°C.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

It additionally displays the time elapsed, a blue growth bar and the share finished to this point. While printing you’ll be able to modify temperatures, building up or lower the print velocity and switch the integrated gentle off and on.

Instructions and animations at the display screen are very useful for such things as loading and unloading filament, and it makes the Sermoon V1 Pro really easy to make use of.

If you favor, you’ll be able to additionally allow a atmosphere which routinely pauses printing if the entrance door is opened. It’s a security characteristic to assist save you little fingers getting harm, however it may possibly’t right away cool the nozzle or mattress which might be very popular.

This and the integrated internet cam are the one two options that make this the Pro type other from the non-Pro.  

But it’s the 720p digital camera this is value spending the additional to get. Using the Creality Cloud app, you’ll be able to watch the Sermoon V1 Pro print and ensure the whole lot is alright. Video high quality is moderately deficient, so that you gained’t be the use of it to report wonderful time-lapse movies that you’ll be able to proportion on YouTube, however it does can help you take a look at printing growth with no need to visit the printer.

You can view it full-screen whilst you rotate your phone to panorama, too.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

The app additionally means that you can see print growth as a proportion and alter key settings as you’ll be able to from the touchscreen, handiest remotely.

You too can obtain fashions created by means of the group and the integrated cloud slicer means that you can resize items and print them out of your phone.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

A to hand viewing window on best of the printer makes it smooth to look printing growth from every other attitude, and that is detachable to aid you get entry to the print head, will have to you wish to have to take away it to modify the nozzle or blank it extra simply.


First, let’s speak about noise. Creality says that the Sermoon V1 (and Pro) have ‘Silent Operation’ and bring lower than 45dB. That determine, whether or not you realize your dB scale or now not, is surely now not silent.

I used a loose sound meter app to look whether or not it confirmed 45dB as a result of, to my ears, the printer gave the impression significantly noisier than my dishwasher, which additionally claims to be round 45dB, and which, typically, I can’t listen.

Even with out the 2 further case fanatics working, the app confirmed round 50-54dB. While I’m positive it isn’t as correct as a pricey device for measuring loudness, it’s almost definitely with regards to the true determine.

It would possibly appear with regards to the claimed determine, however understand that the dB scale isn’t linear: it’s logarithmic. Subjectively, the Sermoon is a little bit quieter than open 3-D printers, I’ve examined however now not by means of a lot. It’s imaginable to paintings with the Sermoon whirring away in the similar room, however you indisputably wouldn’t need to sleep in a room whilst it’s printing.

Turn on the ones case fanatics, and noise ranges soar to round 60dB, across the stage of ordinary dialog or background track – or a pc with the fanatics working at complete velocity. You would possibly now not care how loud a 3-D printer is, however you are going to care about print high quality. And the Sermoon V1 Pro is superb total, when the use of PLA.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

Prints are typically great and blank and freed from stringing, which is the place other portions of the print have undesirable wisps of filament between them. The first Benchy I published, at 100%, used to be probably the most absolute best I’ve noticed, regardless that as with all of the prints I attempted, there used to be a visual Z-seam (smooth to look within the photograph above at the hull).

This seems like a vertical sign up for in each and every print the place it will have to be steady and clean. It might be led to by means of the default settings in Creality’s slicer: I used the provided profile at the SD card, which is what novices will do.

More most probably, regardless that, is that it’s all the way down to uncalibrated e-steps.

Aside from this, which will also be advanced for those who’re prepared to calibrate and make some tweaks,  prints are spectacular. I attempted printing quite a lot of print-in-place articulated fashions or even at 0.2mm Standard high quality, they have been in a position to articulate after any stuck-together sections have been freed with some cautious utility of pressure.

With 3-D printing, you at all times industry off high quality and velocity. This manner you’ll be able to have extra actual, higher high quality prints, however you’ll have to attend significantly longer for them to complete.

The handiest different factor used to be that the Sermoon V1 Pro doesn’t maintain overhangs in addition to different printers we’ve noticed lately, together with the Anycubic Vyper and Voxelab Aquila S2. The photograph under displays the issue: filament droops the place –  on rival printers – it stays stage, at the complete.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

You can upload helps to counter this, however that provides print time and they are able to be tricky to take away cleanly.

The truth the Sermoon is enclosed lets in warmth to be retained to extend the ambient temperature and stay it constant. This is why Creality says the V1 Pro can print ABS.

Creality kindly provided a reel of white ABS to check with, and I used the really useful slicer settings and preheated the mattress to 80°C for 10 mins ahead of beginning the print task itself.

Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

Unfortunately, whether or not a small type or huge, easy or complicated, all of them warped and wouldn’t stick with the mattress in addition to PLA does. This additionally came about when including a brim, suggesting that in spite of the enclosure the Sermoon V1 Pro isn’t your only option if you wish to have to print the use of ABS. Indeed, many of us counsel the use of a mattress temperature of over 100°C for PLA, however the Sermoon’s mattress tops out at 80°C. 

ABS is infamous for warping, so it’s absolute best to stick with PLA with this printer.

Price & availability

The Sermoon V1 Pro prices $539 from Creality, which is $120 greater than the non-Pro model.

Neither type is to be had from Creality’s UK site.

However, you’ll to find it on sale from different shops at decrease costs. For instance, used to be promoting the V1 Pro for £349 in the United Kingdom on the time of evaluation.

For the similar worth it is advisable to purchase the Ender 3 S1 which has true auto mattress levelling and a larger print quantity.

Or, for much less, it is advisable to go for one thing just like the Anycubic Vyper or the Voxelab Aquila S2 which is even inexpensive, prints as much as 300°C however lacks auto mattress levelling.


The Creality Sermoon V1 Pro would possibly have a odd identify, however it’s a in fact excellent little 3-D printer for someone who desires to print instantly out of the field with no need to construct and fettle it first.

Aside from a couple of minor print problems, print high quality with PLA is superb and the one actual downside – except the reality it prices greater than non-enclosed printers – is the somewhat small construct quantity.

It’s value eager about the biggest object it’s possible you’ll need to print and making sure you wouldn’t be at an advantage choosing an open design that permits for higher fashions.

Assuming it’s sufficient for you, the V1 Pro’s integrated digital camera and Creality Cloud app are in fact helpful and make an already easy-to-use printer, much more handy.


Creality Sermoon V1 Pro: Specs

  • FDM 3-D printer
  • calls for 1.75mm PLA/ABS filament
  • Printer dimension: 400mm×380mm×430mm
  • Max print dimension: 175x175x165mm
  • Prints from SD (card supplied) or over Wi-Fi
  • Layer thickness 0.1-0.4mm
  • Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Max nozzle temperature 250°C
  • Max mattress temperature 80°C
  • AC 110-230V enter
  • 150W energy intake
  • Machine weight 11.5kg
  • Filament runout sensor: Yes
  • Pause printing: Yes
  • Wecam: 720p

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