Government Employees can get Online salary slips with PIFRA

PIFRA,  Project to reinforce monetary reporting and auditing was once presented so to lend a hand govt staff to obtain well timed and quick monetary stories. The general objective in the back of PIFRA was once to digitize the full procedure for presidency staff and track fiscal deficits to go correct statements at the forecast of money glide.

Apart from this, the mechanism can additionally set up public money owed to offer monetary controls. From now on, Government staff will have the ability to get their on-line salary slips briefly and comfortably. Previously Government staff needed to cross to the accounting workplace to get their pay position salary slip. To reduce this effort, this fashion is presented for executive staff to get salary slips on-line in 2022.

How to get PIFRA on-line Salary slip?

In order to get the PIFRA Salary Slip, one must sign up at the portal. If one needs to get it each and every month, the registration can even wish to be made every month as neatly. That’s all, PIFRA salary slip might be despatched by the use of Gmail. In case you aren’t in a position to search out PIFRA salary slips to your Gmail inbox, take a look at unsolicited mail messages.

Information Needed to Apply for  PIFRA Salary Slip:

you want to offer some non-public and regional knowledge to enroll. Below are the main points that you want to stay in a position ahead of you observe for PIFRA on-line salary slip.

The knowledge and key issues you want to do registration are:

Before registering for this e-salary slip, stay this data alongside:

  1. Full Name
  2. CNIC Number
  3. Cell-Phone/Personal Number
  4. You will have to be a Pakistani Government Employee
  5. Your Province like Punjab, KPK, and many others.
  6. Date of Birth
  7. Private Email Address
  8. Your Government Level Scale
  9. Government Code

How to Register for PIFRA Pay Slip ?

So now you are prepared for on-line registration. Let’s get started it!

  • Go to the legitimate web page –
  • Now you are going to be redirected to
  • Go to “Services” and faucet “Online salary slip/Pension slip”.
  • A brand new web page might be generated with the web registration for payslip shape.
  • On the registration shape, input the requested knowledge ie; Government Code, make a choice your regional Government code, and worker’s non-public quantity  CINC or NIC and Cell phone quantity.

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