How to share your phone screen on a Google Duo call

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Google Duo is a implausible video calling provider that works on many gadgets. On account of Duo’s simplicity and versatility in its skill to make each voice-only and video calls, the provider has turn into probably the most best possible teleconferencing apps for Android. There are lots of guidelines and methods for the usage of Duo, however in all probability probably the most helpful could also be screen sharing. This option is beneficial in some ways; from serving to any person with a downside on their software to appearing a humorous video to your pal, understanding how to share your phone screen on a Google Duo call can turn out to be useful on your subsequent chat.

How to share your phone screen on your subsequent Google Duo call

Lately, you’ll be able to solely initialize the screen share function from an Android software, however irrespective of what software the individual on the opposite finish of the call is the usage of, they are going to be ready to see what you are sharing.

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  1. Open Google Duo on your phone.
  2. To find the touch you need to call and get started your call.
  3. Faucet on the screen to convey up the controls.
  4. Choose the results icon that appears like 3 stars or faucet on the extra button with 3 dots.
  5. Faucet on Screen share.
  6. Make a choice Get started now on the pop-up to start sharing your phone’s screen.

After you have screen share up and operating on your Google Duo call, you’ll be able to then use your phone as you most often would to navigate to no matter you need the individual on the opposite finish of your call to see. Remember the fact that you will not see the individual you might be speaking with on your screen whilst navigating clear of the call whilst the usage of your phone. One thing to consider is that it doesn’t matter what is on your phone’s screen if you’ll be able to see it, they’re going to too.

Google Duo may also be the whole thing from a fundamental video calling app to a workforce call with amusing results and clear out to brighten up the chat. Some of the issues that is helping Duo paintings on such a lot of gadgets, from the most efficient affordable Android phone to the among the best Chromebook is Duo’s skill to carry out on the slowest of networks. So subsequent time you need to blow their own horns one thing on your phone to the individual you are calling on Google Duo, you’ll be able to be in a position.

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