PTA Clarifies it Hasn’t Implemented Centralized DNS Control

With regards to information showing in a piece of media in regards to the new Domain Name System (DNS) implementation by means of PTA, it is clarified that PTA has handiest applied automation of blockading of illegal content material as mandated to PTA below PECA 37. Contrary to the claims, PTA has now not applied Centralized DNS Control where-by all answer will probably be centrally carried out by means of PTA. Instead, the answer will probably be carried out at ISP’s finish.

PTA Clarifies it Hasn’t Implemented Centralized DNS Control

The blockading of unlawful content material was once already being accomplished, on the other hand, to support the effectiveness of the similar, an automation procedure via area identify answer at ISP stage has been applied below the coverage directives of GoP. This has been accomplished in session and intensive due-deliberation with the Internet Service Providers (ISP) of Pakistan.

This contemporary building has no impact on expanding the price of web services and products, no have an effect on on slowing down of web nor has any implications on privateness of the electorate in anyway, as wrongly portrayed in some media reviews. Furthermore, it can even don’t have any impact at the present preparations with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). In view of above mentioned place, all speculations associated with the method will have to put to relaxation۔

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