Realme’s color-changing 9 Pro series phones will debut on February 16

Realme is quickly anticipated to unveil two new additions to its “Number Series” of funds phones. Ahead in their formal unveiling later this month, Realme has detailed the brand new “Light Shift Design” of the approaching Realme 9 Pro series.

The Sunrise Blue variant of the 2 phones will have a color-changing again duvet that it seems that “transitions from blue to pink in 5 seconds underneath daylight or ultraviolet mild.” It fades again into blue when the phone is out of direct mild.

Realme says the brand new “Light Shift Design” is encouraged through photochromism and natural photochromic fabrics. To succeed in the “chameleon” impact on the 9 Pro series phones, Realme had to make use of new ways comparable to changing the molecular construction to permit the fabric to switch colours and fade again once more temporarily.

Realme first created the pioneering dual-layer photochromic procedure and added an natural composite layer which no longer best promises the required impact but in addition will increase the color rendering fee

The Realme 9 Pro series phones would possibly not be the primary to function color-changing again panels. Vivo’s V23 series phones, which have been unveiled closing month, actually have a an identical design.

While Realme hasn’t showed a release date for the 9 Pro series but, it did disclose closing month that the Realme 9 Pro+ will be powered through a MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset. The Realme 9 Pro, on the opposite hand, is rumored to function (*9*) Snapdragon 695. The similar chipset additionally powers the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G — one among Xiaomi’s very best funds (*16*) phones.

Update (February 3 12:20 a.m. ET) ― Realme 9 Pro series launching on February 16

Realme has introduced that its color-changing 9 Pro series phones will release in India at a web-based match on February 16. The release match will kick off at 1.30 PM IST.

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