Samsung Bespoke Tall Fridge Review

If you wish to have a design-led kitchen, with one thing rather than a typical fridge-freezer and you do not want to move unfashionable, you will be taking into account a Samsung Bespoke equipment.

These home equipment are modular and are available a variety of door color and end choices. You may just place two or extra side-by-side in the similar, contrasting or complementary colors. Alternatively, you’ll want to create a financial institution in a Mondrian-style design or have two matching home equipment bookend a sweep of cabinetry.

Bespoke appliances

In the United Kingdom, the variety incorporates a full-size larder refrigerator (without a freezer segment); a full-size freezer; and a fridge-freezer. All are completely flat, are available a variety of door panel colors and finishes, and all are 185cm tall, so you’ll mix them then again you wish to have. There’s additionally an attachment package to mend the home equipment in combination.

Bespoke color and end choices

So a long way in the United Kingdom, there are two panel finishes to be had within the customisable Bespoke Studio vary: glass, and a matt steel end known as “cotta”.

For the larder refrigerator and the freezer, there are 5 glass colors and 3 cotta colors. For the refrigerator freezer, you will have seven glass colors and 5 cotta colors. Various glass colors have a distinct stage of refraction: “satin” is a comfortable silky glass, “glam” is a shiny glass, and “blank” is a high-gloss glass.

Bespoke colour and finish range

But no longer all colors and finishes are to be had for all fashions. And it is complicated and tough to determine which color choices are these days to be had. You’ll even have to remember that there are other worth issues for various finishes and colors.

The refrigerator and freezer have glass door choices in Clean Black, Clean White, Satin Beige, Satin Sky Blue and Glam Navy. The cotta door choices are Beige, Lavender and Sky Blue.   

However, the Bespoke fridge-freezer has further colors in each finishes. As smartly as the colors within the glass vary, there may be additionally Glam Peach and Glam Lavender, and the cotta vary additionally includes a Cotta White.

It seems that Samsung is making plans on extending the color vary to incorporate a gray glass and a rose red glass, and more than a few metal end choices in champagne, army, and matt black.

The Bespoke Tall One Door Fridge

We’re reviewing the Bespoke Tall One Door Fridge in Glam Navy Glass. As it is a larder refrigerator, it has no freezer compartment or ice field.

The door is flat and streamlined. There are not any curves or no rounded corners; it is a sheet of colored glass this is essentially a depressing replicate. Extremely reflective, the army is extra earthy than brilliant, with a certain putty undertone: an overly Farrow & Ball color.

Bespoke appliances

Interestingly, it didn’t finger-mark simply and gave the look to be a decrease repairs floor than a chrome steel end.

The reversible door has an extended take care of that you’ll make a choice to connect or no longer. If you do not use it – in all probability to maintain its minimum strains – you’ll open the door by way of pulling it from the threshold. The aspects of the refrigerator are a gunmetal gray. Our style used to be slender at 59cm, with a intensity of 67cm, which gave it an overly narrow really feel.

The energy wire sprouts from the highest of the applying. We did not to find this most sensible tether to be an issue however bear in mind it is a attention in case your plug level is not immediately in the back of the applying.

Operating quantity

Samsung states that the running sound stage of the refrigerator is 39dB, or the similar of a quiet pc. This gave the impression excessive to us, as we could not actually discern any operational noise. The door alarm is composed of 3 units of unobtrusive double pings and isn’t the type of sound that might grate if in case you have the refrigerator door open when you are surfing.

Running value

This larder refrigerator has an E ranking at the new 2021 power ranking scale (A++ at the outdated scale), and the overall annual power intake is 120KWh/pa. We calculate that it might value more or less £18 a yr to run the applying, even if this depends upon your fee scheme, provider, and the place you are living in the United Kingdom.

Control panel

The refrigerator is managed by the use of a very easy to succeed in touchscreen panel on the most sensible of the cupboard. The refrigerator has a minimal to most temperature of one°C to 7°C. There’s additionally an influence cool environment, because of this the fan runs at most for 2 and a half of hours to cool lately purchased items.

Samsung Bespoke fridge control panel

Via the touchscreen, you’ll additionally flip the door alarm off; set holiday mode, which helps to keep the refrigerator beneath 17°C; and lock the touchscreen itself.

Cool down & heat up  

The refrigerator has Samsung’s “All-Around Cooling” gadget, because of this that each and every a part of the cupboard is stored similarly chilled. This consistency is obvious – there used to be no temperature distinction between the highest and backside of the refrigerator.   

As our atmospheric temperatures have been iciness low, the settle down time used to be tough to check however the refrigerator hit 5°C throughout the hour. Again, bearing the cool ambient temperature in thoughts, the refrigerator used to be nonetheless at 1°C 24 hours after being switched off.

Interior lights

The inner cupboard is lit with 3 LEDs: one on the most sensible of the cupboard and two on the aspects, all 15cm by way of 3.5cm. Although they gentle the internal smartly, we felt the aspect lighting fixtures may have been a bit longer for extra constant illumination during the internal.

Fridge capability

The refrigerator has 387 litres of grocery capability, which equates to 19 20-litre baggage of buying groceries. Samsung employs its “SpaceMax era” to eke out probably the most area from the refrigerator footprint by way of making the cupboard partitions as skinny as imaginable. 

There are 4 cupboard cabinets, plus the highest of the vegetable field. The 3rd shelf down is foldable, because of this half of of it slides again to permit for taller items to face at the shelf beneath. There’s additionally a steel wine rack with 5 bottle grooves.

Wine rack in the Bespoke fridge

We did not love the truth that you’ll’t alter the cabinets up or down; you might be restricted to Samsung’s configuration.

Underneath the cabinets are two vegetable drawers. The most sensible one has a handbook humidity dial, which feels a little elementary. Ideally, we would like to peer a extra actual virtual regulate at this worth level.

Humidity control dial

However, each and every of those drawers has really extensive garage capability. We made the highest drawer to be about 23.6 litres and the ground to be 24 litres.

In a take a look at, we are compatible 1kg of carrots, 2kg of potatoes, two little gem lettuces, a pack of piccolo tomatoes and a number of celery into the highest drawer and nonetheless had about 60% of the capability spare.

Humidity drawer

Although it is quite higher, the ground bin had about 40% spare capability. This turns out counterintuitive, however it is deeper and narrower to permit for the compressor on the again, so the size do not paintings slightly as smartly.   

Door garage

At the highest of the door, there is a full-width lidded dairy balcony, with some other full-width balcony beneath. Both are simple to succeed in by way of any individual of beneath reasonable grownup top. 

Then there are two units of half-width balconies, the higher set adjustable downwards by way of 15cm and the decrease set adjustable upwards by way of the similar. At the ground is some other full-width balcony.

The backside balcony can grasp two grocery store 6-pinters of milk, or 4 4-pinters. The decrease set of half-width balconies each and every take a 6-pinter or two 4-pinters. In general, you’ll want to are compatible 32 pints of milk on this door.

The upper set of half-width balconies can take 3 450g jars with room to manoeuvre and extra top if you wish to have it for taller jars. 

The refrigerator is provided with one six-egg tray.

The Bespoke refrigerator and freezer vary in america

In america, the tall refrigerator is not available for purchase however the very an identical Bespoke Flex Column fridge in army glass prices $1,169. It has lots of the similar options, together with all-around cooling and a reversible door. In addition, it’s a flex equipment, because of this it may be used both as a refrigerator or a freezer. A four-door refrigerator will quickly be added to america vary. 

There are these days glass and metal end choices in a variety of 8 colors. However, it does no longer seem that every one choices are these days to be had from the Samsung web page.

US colour options


The Samsung Bespoke tall one-door refrigerator in Glam Navy Glass is a gorgeous equipment that may upload an inner design flourish in your kitchen. Its garage capability is superb, its power intake is low and it is environment friendly. However, in case you are in search of the most recent refrigeration tech, with refrigerator/ freezer transfer zones or virtual humidity regulate, you will not to find it right here. 

For extra purchasing choices, take a look at our round-up of the most efficient refrigerators and refrigerator freezers now we have examined.

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