The iPhone will be required to use USB-C by 2024 thanks to new EU policy

What you wish to have to know

  • The European Parliament has introduced a new legislation that will require software makers to use USB-C connectors.
  • Most new Android gadgets already use USB-C ports for charging and knowledge.
  • Apple will most likely be affected probably the most, as its iPhones proceed to use the proprietary Lightning port.
  • Device makers will have to put in force USB-C into their merchandise by 2024.

In a historical transfer by EU officers, a new policy has been announced to identify a “unmarried charging resolution for positive digital gadgets.” By autumn 2024, software makers will be required to use USB-C of their gadgets, together with the iPhone.

The resolution comes down to sustainability, serving to to cut back the estimated 11,000 heaps of annual e-waste. The EU highlights how this will make it more straightforward for customers to price their small and mid-sized gadgets. The gadgets affected by this new policy come with cell phones, tablets, e-readers, earbuds, virtual cameras, headphones and headsets, hand-held videogame consoles, and transportable audio system.

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