Twitter Tests New Option to Attach Video, Images and GIFs to a Single Tweet

What if it is advisable to upload a nonetheless symbol and a GIF to a unmarried tweet? What about video as smartly – what in the event you had the capability to connect all 3 other content material sorts to your updates, so it is advisable to show off other components inside of every submit?

That might be coming quickly, according to this discovery via app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

Twitter attachments update

As you’ll be able to see on this instance, Twitter’s operating at the capability to insert other sorts of media into a unmarried tweet.

That may open up a vary of recent ingenious alternatives, and amplify in your expressive gear – regardless that it’s now not coming quickly, essentially, particularly with Twitter’s projects all on hold at this time amid the looming Elon Musk takeover.

Indeed, we requested Twitter concerning the check, and it instructed us that it doesn’t have anything else to proportion at the undertaking at this time. Which isn’t even an acknowledgment of this being in trying out – however once more, with Twitter in a state of flux, and uncertainty in lots of respects, it is smart that it isn’t overly impending on its initiatives, because it almost definitely doesn’t know what’s going to occur with them both at this degree.

But it does appear to be this might be coming, and it might be a new attention in your Twitter technique.

For manufacturers, that might supply a new means to show off your merchandise, with a nonetheless symbol promo shot, accompanied via video overviews inside of the similar tweet. Users will also be ready to to find ingenious makes use of for a couple of GIF reactions – and even GIF reactions that react to every different – whilst manufacturers may additionally upload in GIF responses to their product clips as any other promotional attention.

It turns out like a just right replace, and whilst it can be technically difficult (be aware: I do not know whether it is), it might be a wonderful means for Twitter to inspire extra interplay and engagement, in additional ingenious techniques.

We’ll stay you up to date on any development with the undertaking.

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