Waiting Eagerly for Ufone 4G’s Big Reveal #WaqtHonayWalaHai

The solution to kes cheez ka waqt honay wala hai is but to be published by means of Ufone 4G and all folks are ready eagerly to determine extra. Here are a couple of snippets from Ufone 4G newest thread function the brand new hashtag …

kes cheez ka waqt honay wala hai

We had been having a look into what Ufone 4G is getting ready us for, however for now, we’ve were given not anything! The thriller stays unsolved and we’re anxiously ready for Ufone 4G to add its subsequent tweet hoping that it’s going to deliver us a step nearer to answering the query that has been trending since Friday.

Ufone 4G is preparing us for

At this second in time, none folks has been in a position to decode the code at the back of #WaqtHonayWalaHai or what Ufone 4G is hinting at however we’re nonetheless having a look for clues. We’re busy scrolling our displays to determine extra and once we do we will be able to spill the juicy updates directly.

what Ufone 4G is hinting

So, take a seat again, loosen up and practice us to determine kes cheez ka Waqt Honay Wala Hai!

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